What exactly is meant by the terms “hard water” and “soft water”?

“Hard water” is water loaded with high amounts of calcium and/or magnesium. These minerals in considerable amounts can leave build up, often known as scale, on the appliances and fixtures. After awhile, it may also restrict the effectiveness of the appliance or fixture. Hard water also decreases the effective cleaning action of detergents and soaps including in the dish washer and washing machine. Using a water softening system placed in your house will effectively do away with calcium and magnesium through interaction with salt through the process called ion exchange.

What is a leak detection service?

This can be a specialized service meant to find hidden leaking underground and beneath foundations, making use of innovative sound detection tools. These ultra-sonic leak detection tools are the very best approach to promptly and successfully locate the leak source. You can trust in us to provide quality, expert leak detection solutions and repair. We’re going to locate the leak cause and fix it competently, as quickly as possible.

Why is my electric hot water heater not heating?

Quite often the main cause for your water heater not heating up appropriately is a tripped high-temperature cutoff. This is solved by simply pushing the reset button. When that doesn’t work it may be a faulty heating element. When it’s the element you’ll need to plan on replacing it.

Why Are My Pipes Rattling?

The issue may be that the water lines are improperly isolated from the architectural components of your home. If this sounds like the case, the motion of water through the pipes might be transferring to beams, joists or studs in or beneath your floor or in the walls. If the pipes are reachable the solution could be as basic as placing an insulating material between your pipes and the structural elements they may be touching.

Should your pipes only rattle once the water is switched on or off it could be that you must install a water hammer arrested that will eradicate the jolt due to swift closing water valves. This problem is not always simple to detect and you should definitely count on a plumbing expert to effectively diagnose your rattling pipe problem. Our plumbing professionals at Stanton Plumbing are only a telephone call away at 714-252-7326.

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